Pregnancy and health insurance in Switzerland

Pregnant ?

What happens with your health insurance during your pregnancy in Switzerland ? Your pregnancy has just started. You don’t know anything about health insurance . And it gets all the more complicated when you get pregnant. Where will you give birth ? is it covered by my health insurance ? What is covered by the compulsory insurance ? what is not? Here is a small overview of what happens with your health insurance when you are pregnant.

Compulsory insurance

First things to know : everyone is insured through the LAMAL system (Swiss Federal Law on Compulsory Health Care). Don’t worry, you don’t have to give birth at home or anywhere not fancy at all!

Even though you have just landed in Switzerland, a Swiss health insurance has to cover you.

Through the compulsory insurance, you are completely reimbursed from week 12 of your pregnancy till 8 weeks after birth. During the time week 0 to week 12 of pregnancy, your normal policy applies (deductible and quote share).

Complimentary insurance

If you are lucky enough to have a complimentary insurance, then check your insurance start date as most of them would not pay for anything relating to maternity during the first 9 months or the first year. Some of the complimentary insurance do not cover at all maternity expenses.

Depending on your complimentary insurance, you may be able to choose for a private clinic. Or choose your ob-gyn, get a 4 star service in the clinic, acupuncture… It is really worth to check in advance what you are entitled to with your complimentary insurance.

Reach out to an insurance broker if you are not sure what you are looking for. For instance few insurance companies don’t cover maternity expenses in their complimentary insurance.

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